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Frequently Asked Questions

Grit: is having mental, physical, and emotional resilience.
a mix of passion, perseverance and stamina to achieve your long term goals and get you where you want to be.

Gratitude: is being thankful, acknowledging the goodness in your life...
the expression of appreciation for what one has, a recognition of value independent of monetary worth.

FATIGUE: chronic fatigue, cortisol imbalances, adrenal issues, nutrient deficiencies…
DIGESTION: bloating, chronic constipation & diarrhea, microbial imbalances, pathogens, leaky gut…
AUTOIMMUNE DYSREGULATION & ALLERGIES: thyroid  issues, joint pain, stiffness, psoriasis, skin breakouts, itchiness…
METABOLIC DYSFUNCTION: insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2…
TOXITY: heavy metals toxicity, mould, pesticides, pollution, nutrient deficiency and/or genetics impairing the body’s natural detoxification…

No, you have other people who do that, for free 😉.

Together we will draft up your journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You are in control, we’re there to support you.

We guide you to optimum wellness using Functional Medicine principles, Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Psychology Coaching. Grit & Gratitude wants to see you thrive, not just survive !

Grit and Gratitude support you in mobilizing internal strengths and in developing self-management strategies for making sustainable, healthy lifestyle, behavior changes. We will be your biggest chearleader!

I decided to get the gold standard in Health Coaching Certification with the only program designed and delivered in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine

This training also meets the holistic and multidisciplinary vision and values from the ‘Vlaamse Vereniging GezondheidsCoaches’. The VVGC provides a quality label that signifies a level of proficiency and competency necessary to perform the function of a professional health coach.

Tough question ! It’s  different for every individual.  If you are ready to make a small change and give up on the habits that make you sick, than you’re definitely ready. If you’re not, I help you to reach that point, at your pace. That’s what health coaches do.

Meditation and breathing techniques can be part of your journey, but only if you want it to be. Both have shown to be very effective, but if you are not open to it, that’s also fine.

Yoga can have significant health benefits, but only if you are willing to add it to your new lifestyle. If it’s not your cup of tea, we can find many other ways to introduce activity in your life. Remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Your partner can definitely sit in during one of our sessions. We only ask you to let us know in advance.

Usually one coaching session is 50 to 60 minutes in length. 

Yes, it’s possible to do the sessions via video conferencing (Zoom, Teams, Whats App).

Please check your health insurance or get in touch with your healthcare provider. In some cases you can get refunded or some kind of other financial compensation, depending on which insurance you have. Below you can find some example of the most common healthcare companies:

Helan (= Partena & Onafhankelijke ziekenfondsen):
Lifestyle consulting: 25 EUR/calendar year. Ontdek hier.

Neutrale Ziekenfondsen, Nationaal verbond van socialistische mutualiteiten, Liberale Mutualiteiten, Kas der geneeskundige verzorging van HR Rail: No financial compensation so far.

Bank transfer within 5 working days – Bank details: BE39 0636 3146 8419

You commit to the totallity of the package in writing, but you can either pay by session, or pay the total amount.

Should you need to reschedule a coaching session, you may do so by providing 48 hours notice in advance of your session and making up the session within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled date.  Sessions not cancelled 48 hours in advance will not be eligible for make-ups.  It is important that you prioritize this journey to receive the full benefit of your coaching package.

All agreements are binding, so I do not offer refunds on coaching services. I am here to coach you to your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your coaching package.