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12 coaching sessions + 1 follow-up session
13 x 68€
For those who want to
Your goal is to

Start to transform

12 coaching sessions + 1 follow-up session
13 x 68€ What you get:
  • Insights on the impact of food and all the different lifestyle factors on your energy level, your mood, your job and your relations
  • Insights on how to use food as medicine
  • Insights on mindful and intuitive eating
  • How to :
  • • apply an alternative way to look at life, people and circumstances
  • • change your ability to cope with and transform stress with proven stress management techniques
  • • change your responses to stress and make a huge impact on your resilience
  • • stop the cycle of chronic stress
  • • improve your ability to strengthen your energy reserves, improve tissue health, and create a supportive environment for healthy aging
  • • increase gratitude by counterbalancing the ”taking-things-for granted effect” that we are often prone to